Nebula (GotG) Costume Build - Complete


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Hi all,

I recently finished my Nebula (movie version) cosplay and I wanted to share, as I rarely see any Nebula cosplayers (aside from the wonderful Karin Olava) and it would be cool to be able to show any upcoming Nebulas how I created mine! It was my first time sewing a complete costume myself, and while things aren't 100% perfect, I'm quite proud of it. :)

I started with the arm as I thought getting it out of the way would be a good idea, and I think I was right. I used paper templates and foam and covered them with worbla, pressing down in the gaps to create the grooves, and then heated it to mould around my arm.

10945780_10155131556455534_3659361855194622346_n.jpg 10505561_10155131556895534_6618578901346369459_n.jpg 10947336_10155131557390534_6077631758609858057_n.jpg 10649591_10155142694855534_511287876848681446_n.jpg 1381215_10155135401080534_5316995349621173706_n.jpg

The other pieces were also made out of worbla and spray painted silver after a little priming. I'll admit, I'm not the most patient person so priming is something I hate, but need to work on, because the pieces aren't the smoothest!

10422520_10155322517665534_5521017802769776666_n.jpg 10378156_10155322517515534_3218685451691494892_n.jpg

The purple fabric was tough to get to the colour I wanted. I went through 3 different types before settling on one, though I still don't think it's a great colour. Purple is hard to find in "Nebula" colours, especially when you're picky, and you have ref pics that show different colours in different lights!

1979848_10155374526895534_8300126493591240541_n.jpg 10441440_10155403615840534_8561100751508814769_n.jpg

I made the top and bottoms separately because I wanted an easy costume for changing (and toilet breaks!) and it wouldn't show because of her belts in the middle. The things on the left are the kneepads, which probably couldv'e been sewn straight into the fabric, but I'm still new at this. ;)

11133674_10155408009360534_5903399100711924538_n.jpg 11133687_10155408674420534_6272145782838381498_n.jpg 11157581_10155489962985534_1422760416332115058_o.jpg 18184_10155474884830534_7414464818282405253_n.jpg

Making the top was the toughest part as there are a lot of parts to it. I modified a shirt pattern for this by drawing on all of the pieces to the top and cutting each part out.

11080872_10155379108345534_78876606912100183_n.jpg 11083899_10155397182790534_5486746170742366751_n.jpg

The top parts of her belt pouch things are made from worbla, and the bottom parts foam so I could sit down easily with the belt on. I then covered them in a leather like material.

11127205_10155436494170534_4608927889574756916_n.jpg 10409108_10155461144530534_8254992034766456021_n.jpg 11146288_10155461144730534_1652431308688042747_n.jpg

Again, this is my first time making weapons! I used pipe insulation for the handles and added worbla details (again, where my primer attention span needs work!) I also added a magnet in the base so that they can stick together like a staff.


I sprayed boots purple, made straps out of foam and added details to match the movie ones as best as I could.


A face paint test! I used Snazaroo but I think I'm going to look for a better alternative that isn't cakes. I cut off all of my hair for this cosplay.

I didn't get pics of the belt all together, but here are some of the pictures taken at MCM London of my completed costume.

11109673_569915716482643_8639478580004338952_o.jpg 11220469_378939612299620_2227750138215013360_n.jpg 10253973_377565575770357_971807463286551516_n.jpg
Photos by James Bissett Photography

Thanks for reading if you got this far! I hope it's ok to post this many images! And I hope it sort of helps someone! I have a Facebook page over at if anyone is interested in seeing any more pics. I recently had another shoot in this costume which should appear soon, I hope!

(PS. Tags don't seem to want to work... my apologies!)
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