N64 repaint


uploadfromtaptalk1435166741884.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435166829374.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435166930442.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435167040520.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435167149930.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435167235032.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435167348516.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435167435349.jpg

B Wo

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I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

I must have logged weeks playing .007 on N64. Good times.


Hey washed and primed the housing and controller gonna have first color Tuesday and then a week later the next color. I almost went to clear coat it now and keep it as a classic gray 64 but I have plans for this machine.

uploadfromtaptalk1435624428374.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1435624443008.jpg


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Man, that makes me think you should just paint the buttons purple and make it a SNES styled N64. That would be awesome.
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!


uploadfromtaptalk1435819542940.jpg got to the fun part and just wrote on it. Nextime I'm gonna do orange marble look to something I own. Now to clear coat parts this week.
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