Mystery Kit Part Identification - Star Wars A New Hope: ILM 1975 construction


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Kit part identification assistance please... from a pre-1976 model kit used on Star Wars A New Hope. It is approximately 5.0 mm long by 14 mm wide by 12 mm high. The base is unknown so this could be trimmed from a larger part. It appears to have a recessed opening at the back. I've spent a few weeks going through kits and kit scans. These include the AMT 1:25 trucks, Waterline ships, Tractor kits, Tamiya 1:12 race cars, some large-scale model engines, aircraft and helicopters. It looks to have a plate and rivets on the front middle section (or this was a separate piece that was attached). Nothing I've found yet is close. There is only 1 of these kit parts used on the Studio Scale Sandcrawler. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Interior -06-D.jpg

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