Mystery Kit Part Identification II - Star Wars A New Hope: ILM 1975 construction


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Kit identification assistance please: Does anyone happen to recognize what model kit this part (circled) comes from? I believe it is a machine gun mount from an armored vehicle. It would be likely 1:35, 1:48 or 1:76 scale. Also, pre-1976. The closest I have found is the 1973 Aurora M8E2 Munitions Carrier, but the mount does not have the notches near the tips. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

It looks like the snap-fit cover for the mounting end of a Bosch wiper blade. I Don’t know if they still make them that way, I am thinking of a ’63 VW bug, but it may have been a later model.

Here’s a current example…


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Not sure why the original poster didn't update this thread but in a FB group this part was discussed and identified as being from a 1/35 Kettenkrad. I believe he meant Nitto 1/35 which is a rare and hard to find kit these days.

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