My version of Adam Savage's helping hands


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Big shout out to asavage for the awesome helping hands idea. I wanted a tiny bit more control over the last upper joint where the loc-line ends so I decided to use the swivel lock mech. on the existing helping hands device. I'm making another set of these where I do the same, but I will use washers to make my own joint plates and a steel ball bearing on the opposite side of the alligator clamp for balance. I'll also be swapping out these plan black nuts for nylon lock nuts.

To start I messaged over a dozen vendors on Aliexpress to see if I could get the alligator clamps by themselves. After 3 weeks I was able to convince ONE vendor, lol. So, if you don't need the entire setup, here is a link to the clamps by themselves. If you're on the fence, I'd get these soon. I don't expect the vendor to keep these up forever:

Helping hands:

My slight mods and complete parts list are:

5 feet of 1/2" (I might actually go with the 3/4" next time)

Magnet bases:

Adapter end for the alligator clip. Will also work for cameras, lights, magnifying glass etc:

The 3/4" version:


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Just wanted to circle back in case anyone was looking to do this. Parts list:

Alligator clamps (see link above)
Fender washers (drilled the 2 extra holes) - M5x25
Button head cap screws M5x30mm
Nylon lock nuts M5x25mm
9mm ball bearing
Washer for M5 screws


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