my Vaako style axe


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I based this design off of Vaako's axe at the end of the movie, and added my own changes to it that I think blend in more with my necro commander costume, specifically the undersuit pattern. Cost was 20 bucks, in wood and metal rods, and a bit of time to construct. I gave it a heavy weathered pattern to match my costume, it still needs some more darker weathering to it yet. Its about 7.5 feet tall. The weathering got washed out a bit in the pics, I was in a hurry from lunch. Enjoy. I ll have to make I dont doink someone at a con. LOL :)

Here is a pic of the screen used one



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Cool. I hope to do one of these at some point. How did you reliably attach the blades to the shaft?

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That's brilliant. And all for $20 worth of materials? Wow... :eek

Here are pieces of the stunts that would have been seen in the alternate ending, when the axe is shattered during the final fight scene:

Have fun at the con. :D

- Gabe


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Thankyou, 20 bucks and some change, a couple pieces of bass wood, two poles, and a couple rods, some leftover sintra I have. As far as adding the blades to the rod, thats where the rods come in. I cut about two inch piece of rod, and did about drilled a hole in the blade about five times. Drop rod in after gluing. :)

Cool stunt pieces btw.