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so i am new to the site i am 29 years old i love props and f x make up wanna learn as much as i can this is my latest project its my scratched built ufo made from Home depot foam the dome in the pic is not what i will be using but thats what i got done in like 20 minutes i would appreciate as much feed back as possible tips ,tricks, plans,spare models,i would also love to learn so animatronics if there is some one here who would have the patience to teach a noob
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Need help

ok so i am building a ufo model out of foam its a big model i wanna put an alien in the cock pit. space will be 17" diameter by 8"high its made from a sky light dome i never tried making a sculpture from clay if some one can help out in leading me in the right direction or if someone is really board and want to join in and help on this build we can trade you make the alien and ill make you a foam ship in return for trade for your work on the alien send me a message ill send you a pic of the ufo in progress
i found these led color changing lights at ikea that i think i can incorporate in this UFO build i will post a pic of it soon . still waiting on some how to on the alien or if any one wants to help would sure appreciate it :confused
This is what the lights look like on i installed a set of them on my entertainment center the are cool looking and they change in color if you set them to
Interesting,almost like what I'm up to with my robots.

I'm considering making some UFO's if I can find some brass or metal plates i.e. dinner plates,of course mine probably won't light up (maybe)

Keep at it kid,you may have to improvise a bit but that's part of the fun.
ok made the mold for the bottom of the ufo the cement worked really well. now i can make the part out of fiberglass the only problem is on the big disk the body its so big i cant just pore cement on that to make a mold of that lol wish i could it would be so much easier. The disk is just so big that the amount of cement i would need to use would be crazy and it would be a giant slab to heavy and clumsy to store. does any one know how i can make a mold of the giant dish i just have to be careful cause its foam and it will melt. but i wanna make a mold so i can make the part of the main body out of fiberglass.

help :confused
Cement?? may wanna try for some high end plaster to save on weight,try to find an art supply/sculpting place.

Also use the search on here,there's a whole lot of talented crazies around and if you do a little reading you may find what you seek.
Hi Luna, welcome to the RPF! Glad to have another Florida member here!
Instead of doing a single mold, you could section it off into 1/4 sections. Build 4 and attach them together.
Cheers, Jeff
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