My Time Bandits map - finished and printed!


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Time Bandits lettering (screenshots added)

Edit: added screenshots of my work below.

So not having the room to begin working on models I'm working on creating a TB map since photoshop is something I do know (and it helps justify my actually being a member here :rolleyes ).

I'm stuck on finding the lettering for these two circles. Are there better shots of these anywhere? Or do I just need to make it up?


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Re: Time Bandits lettering (screenshots added)

Thanks! These definitely help!

I'm getting pretty close to being done. I'm still working on the "nebula" effect for the background and trying to recreate some of the paint wash layers that were done on top of some of the art work.

Here are some small screen shots of my map without the nebula effects. Below are some links to full size versions of these shots. The linked to shots are each about 400k.

At the very bottom of this I just posted an image of the map with a background effect. Opinions welcome

Full size links:



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Re: Time Bandits lettering (screenshots added)

NICE! I really like your background treatment. Good luck with the details.
Time Bandit map finished - I think

There are SO many details in this map I could probably keep going but - After a few hundred hours of working on this I have it at a balancing point between being happy with it and tired of working on it :rolleyes

I would like to hear some opinions on the nebulous background. My only guide in making this map was the small one that comes with the DVD. That made things difficult because of the low resolution and the map being crumpled when they photographed or scanned it.

Unless it turns out I'm way off I think I'll get this printed next week after I get paid - weather it up and hang it on the wall!

Opinions are welcome! I don't have it printed yet so I can still make some adjustments. The full size map is 30"x18.5" at 300ppi.


Re: Time Bandit map finished - I think

Looks great.

The blue squiggly lines alone are enough to drive a man INSANE.

I did the nebula background too when I did my run of maps a couple years ago but I made it a little bit darker and slightly rougher. We don't have any solid info on the original, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was hand painted so I kinda went for that feeling as opposed to it having been "airbrushed".

That reminds me... I still don't have a print of my own. :lol
I finally found the right printer and after much searching the perfect paper! Which, wasn't really paper but a type of fabric/canvas. I tried to show the texture of the fabric in the last photo.
I spent a long time looking for exactly the right paper. One that felt like a fabric, would not crease like paper, but would hold all the small details and color of the map.
The type of printer they ran it through gave different results as well. So finding the right machine was important.

The final size was 38"x23".

What started ages ago I can finally call finished. I just need a frame.

Here are my photos of the finished piece. My first prop - done!



Looks outstanding! I have two versions of this map from two different makers. One is the screen-accurate weathered-to-hell version and the other is going in a frame.
Thanks guys! I have 6 copies plus a few print samples. I'm going to experiment with weathering the samples and then try it on a full size copy.
chris_s are you doing anything with the map you created??? I am very interested in it and the only this we would have to work on is fixing the clock panel to look like Jon Heilmans panels on his map. Other than that your actual map is amazing!! Please get back to me on this. Thanks!!
I actually worked with chris_s once on this map because there was quite a few details that were missing and the borders and clock panels needed to be fixed. Several details needed to be added and corrected as well. I tried reaching out to him about a year ago through Skype after he told me he wanted to put the project on hold. I did not get a response. I would love to finish it off but it will take some time. It is a much closer replica than Heilmans Time Bandits map. But once again I have not heard from chris_s.
Tarkin had alot of very good suggestions and i wish i had the time to work on them. My projects are on hold at the moment. Though setting up a print run isn't a problem. Being in the midst of the family building stage of life (third boy arrived 2 weeks ago) I'm afraid i don't have any personal time to devote to much of anything. My creative side is screaming in anguish.

Sorry i missed that connection. I actually only set skype up for us to talk. Reaching out to me on here is far more reliable as I'm on the site, if only for a min, nearly every day. I'm currently living vicariously through you guys :)
Thanks Patattack! Kids certainly have their ups and downs :)
I contacted the printer and they don't have access to the same paper that was used previously. I'm going to take them a copy of my previous map and they're going to try and match it as best they can. Once I see the results of some test prints I'll know if I can post an interest thread or not. I don't want to entertain run threads if they can't match the quality of the last print.

Thanks so much for the interest!
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