My Star Wars Collection Through The Years: 2004 to 2012

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    I've been collecting Star Wars related merchandise since 2002 and got into Master Replica Props around 2004. It started when I spotted a Han ANH blaster at a local comic book shop and its been downhill ever since.

    With the help of a friend, we bought the blaster for $300 and sold it for $1200, which allowed me to purchase my first two lightsabers: Vader ANH and Dooku AOTC.

    This was the beginning.


    By 2005, I was already slowing down on buying toys and moving more towards higher end Star Wars stuff like statues and props.


    During the summer of ROTS fever, I had sold off most, if not all my toys (For a very, very, nice and tidy sum of money) By this time, I was lurking at the RPF and picking up props here and there.


    By the end of 2005, I had added some more sabers as well as moved stuff around.

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    The start of 2006, saw a more streamlined collection since I had moved most of the toys near my desk.


    Some more additions in

    And back I went with some busts and other goodies on the shelf as well as moving a Detolf to my room.


    After joining the RPF in November of 2006, I had slowed down on MR/SW related stuff and got into other areas of collecting (Firefly, Resident Evil, etc). But I still picked up an occasional SW prop here and there.

    When I found out that the MR ROTJ Vader had its production numbers cut, I searched frantically to pick one up. The one I got, I actually was 30 minutes out of town and rushed home early to bid and win the Vader.
    I ended up with #8/1500. And my evolution of Anakin to Darth Vader was complete.

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    By summer of 2007, I was gearing up to attend college in San Diego. By then, I thought Star Wars was over for me and for the rest of the year, there was hardly any purchases related to props. I did buy props form other movies, but for Star Wars, it had come to a close.

    In 2008, the only Star Wars item I bought was the Boba Fett Blaster (Minus the paperwork) at an insanely good deal over at A few months later, I was able to purchase an artist proof plaque to complete the set. Unfortunately, I had no room to display it and there are no pics from 2008. (I was only recently able to display it and it sits atop of my brother's entertainment center right now.)

    No pics

    The start 2009 saw my interest in Star Wars rekindle with some new additions at very reasonable prices. If you noticed from 2004 to 2009, most of the props were from the Sith side. Beginning in 2009 and onward, was more on the Jedi path. Since I had bought most of the Sith props from Master Replicas, I had decided to focus on the Original Trilogy props from custom makers. I decided in going with custom makers since most of the MR Jedi sabers were going for insane prices, the custom prices were more in my price range.


    I graduated in 2010 and during summer, I was able to unpack my collection after sitting in storage for two years due to the renovations that were being done at the house.


    September 2010, I was able to purchase an Ikea Besta to bring my collection to a whole different level of display props.


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    I moved some stuff around again in 2011.


    I added my first Studio Vehicle this year, but sold it a few months after I got it since it didn’t fit on my Besta.


    Towards the end of 2011, I got these sabers back after a talented member here finished them for me.

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    And now this is how the collection stands for the start of 2012.


    Top to Bottom:
    MR Darth Vader ROTJ
    MR Darth Vader ESB (Incorrect Red Wires***)
    ***The second odd bit of information is the positioning of the brown and white wires. On the first 2000 or so the darker brownish wire is on the top. Whereas in the last 500 or so the darker wire is on the bottom. When referring to 'top' I mean the top if the saber is sitting with the control box pointing straight down. The picture below shows the two orientations of the wires (the first 2000 or so on the left):
    The positioning of the wires on the first 2000 is the screen accurate representation. This appears to be an error in the production run, but only real sticklers for accuracy should be concerned about it.

    Source: The Rebelscum Registry - Reviews
    MR Darth Vader ANH

    Top To Bottom:
    MR Darth Vader ROTS
    MR Darth Vader ESB (Correct Wires)
    MR Darth Maul Battle Damaged

    Top, Then Left to Right
    MR Count Dooku AOTC
    MR Darth Sidious ROTS / Viper1357 Yoda TPM Visual Dictionary

    Top To Bottom:
    MR Anakin Skywalker AOTC
    MR Anakin Skywalker ROTS

    Top To Bottom:
    MR Luke Skywalker ESB Blaster
    MR Han Solo ANH Blaster (Yea, I bought another one a few years after I sold my first one)

    Top Shelf:
    Markpoon Metal Shiny Medal of Yavin , MR Jedi Training Remote, Tridcloudwalker Metal Medal of Yavin
    MR Han Solo ESB Blaster

    My shelf that changes with different kinds of Props:

    MR Mini Scaled Medal of Yavin and Rylo Luke Skywalker ROTJ
    Custom LEGO Lightsaber with Red Acrylic Blade

    Top: MR Rebel Trooper Blaster ANH
    Bottom: MR Stormtrooper Blaster ANH

    Top: Rylo Luke Skywalker ROTJ built up to "As First Built By"
    Bottom: Stormpath Luke Skywalker Shared Stunt, built up as "As First Built By"

    Top: Rylo Luke Skywalker ROTJ, copper parts have been left naturally oxidizing.
    Bottom: MR Luke Skwalker ROTJ v2

    Top: Parks Graflex with Blastech Kit and Rebelscum Bubbles
    Bottom: Parks Graflex with Blastech Kit

    Top: Roman's Last Run parts with Stormpath Transistors and Rebelscum Bubbles (AFBB)
    BottomL Roman's Last Run parts with Stormpath Transistors and Rebelscum Bubbles (Weathered)
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    Re: My Star Wars Collection Through The Years: 2004 to 2012, And Beyond?

    Incredible collection. :confused
  7. MClass

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    Re: My Star Wars Collection Through The Years: 2004 to 2012, And Beyond?

    Very nice! Love those blasters.
  8. SciFiMuseum

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    Re: My Star Wars Collection Through The Years: 2004 to 2012, And Beyond?

    Nice collection! Are those 4 Grammeton Cleric handguns in one of the photos I see? Really cool, thanks for sharing.
  9. Jedifyfe

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    LOVE IT! I always like looking back on my beginning collection and see how it has grown. I really like your clean display!
  10. rabbit4x

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    I was always focused on lightsabers, but after finishing up the Sith, decided it was time to change it up. Picked up a few blasters along the way.

    Yep, they are!

    Thanks! It's come a long way from the toys on shelf to what it is now.
  11. Jerome

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    Really interesting to see the timeline of your expanding collection! Was cool to see your giant Lego replica lightsaber made it all the way through, and eventually got its own display stand.
  12. Chr2win

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    That was a very cool trip through your collecting timeline. It got me thinking about how my own collection has changed throughout the years. It's amazing how many different focuses I've had. Thanks for sharing!
  13. jimjimmyjones85

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    Very nice indeed.
  14. nightwing615

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    epic collection! it's favorite collectible from your collection was the custom Lego lightsaber :D
  15. Mr. K


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    I think a lot of SW and especially MR collectors can find a bit of themselves in this topic! I love how everything looks in the Besta cabinets, these pieces of furniture are by far some of the best(a) you can find!

    I also like how you stopped displaying the MR numbered plaques. As nice as it is to have a limited edition prop replica, I think that on display the only thing that should be seen is the prop itself. I'm glad i'm not the only one.

    And I love that ANH Han Solo blaster... I need one of these!
  16. Spectacular Spider-Man

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    Great collection bud!
  17. AMP

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    Very nice collection!
  18. CessnaDriver

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    As my collecting has grown, I've had to ditch the acrylic covers and bases for stuff, they often take up a lot of useful display area that the object inside really doesn't need.
    Put 'em up in the attic until I hit the lotto I guess.
  19. DS Operative

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    Your collection is outstanding
  20. rabbit4x

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    Thanks! I at first had it on an FX stand until a Darth Maul display stand popped up on ebay and I snagged it at a great price.

    Thanks! While I have had different interests, my Star Wars prop collection has always been the focus. It's the only thing that has stayed consistent through the years.

    Thank you.

    It's hard to choose a favorite, but when I first saw it on the Rpf, I knew I had to track one down.

    If it wasn't for my bro, I would have never gotten the Besta It wasn't until he got his, that I decided to get mine. Then we got into a competition where I bought the Tombo doors first, then he got lights first. I think the next step will be to have custom cabinets built. But that won't be for a few more years.

    I agree. After seeing a collector over at Rebelscum have his sabers without plaques, Ithought that was just a clean look in itself. The plaques are only for people who come over and don't know what they are. I mean, I can identify the sabers, so it's not like I need them there.

    Yep, the Han ANH was that one prop that I had to track down after selling it early on. I bought it for my birthday a few years ago. Made for a nice present.

    Thank you sir!


    That's what happened with my SW toys. They just sat in bins in the corner and of the years I was collecting them, I only displayed a small handful of them.

    Definately let your props breath! They need to be out in the open for all to see. But they look much classier under acrylic, I think. Also, if you got any MR cases, I'm always looking!

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed looking through it.
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    cool collection!
    Really like the Jedi remote and the Blasters! Great!
  22. VaultUK

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    Great collection .

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