My Resin cast of a original sterling smg receiver


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Hi RPF ... pimp your E-11 Blaster :love

I really glad to find a original "bold lever" from a Sterling SMG. To buy a real Sterling is out of my financial range so find some good parts over the years.

The receiver is awesome and I cast it with resin. The result is really cool and fits perfect the tubes I use.

Here some Pics







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That is actually called the 'bolt' the receiver is the tube... Probably just lost in translation, but either way nice casting...

I will close this with cautioning anyone in the US to do this with an unmodified bolt casting, modification to the bolt as seen above should be performed on the bolt destroying it's function vs a raw casting of a functional bolt... A Sterling with a plastic bolt isn't going to be reliable in anyway but it could chamber a bullet and fire, and the ATF has been known to be stupid silly in these issues... And just for the record, soft bronze bolts where used in Stens (a nearly identical design) during the war due to metal shortages, not as reliable as steel but they got the job done, kinda....

The above bolt for example has had the business end and firing pin machined off so it's already destroyed and won't function...


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Thanks ....ok it is a bolt :) and it is modified acording to the very strict firearm Law in Germany
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