My Red Skull silicone mask


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I finally found the time (and silicone) to give Red Skull a try. I hadn't any life cast available, so I had to make a short necked version (it won't really matter when I'm wearing a SS uniform with it). The sculpt took me 2 days, I had to rush it a little bit, but I think it doesn't look too bad for the time I had. The only thing that annoys me are all the bubbles of this particular casting, but I don't have enough silicone to make a new one right now.

I will be wearing the full costume this sunday for a special event in my island, I'll post pics as soon as I have them.



Yes, that's a Loki horn besides the mask :lol
Nice! How does it feel when it's on? I'm a bit fobic, so I'm afraid to buy a silicone mask. I think I would panic. Did you add colorant to the silicone when you were casting?

Silicone masks feel quite comfortable, specially compared to latex. I don't think you would have any problem wearing silicone masks, if you cut a bigger hole for the eyes (I always prefer to keep the masks eyelids, but a lot of people cuts that part of the mask).

I apply a bit of red colorant to the silicone, but the colour you see in this pics was all applied after taking the mask off the mould.
I finally wore the costume, and here you have a couple of pics. I have to work better on the seamlines (this was quite rushed, as I said). Anyways, a friend of mine will be wearing this mask in the Avengers release, with a complete Kroenen leather costume, so he will look way better than me wearing just some random clothes and a jacket.


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