My New Pitch Black & CoR items

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As many know my collection has been mainly focused on props and costumes from The Chronicles of Riddick up until now, but a few weeks ago I had a bit of luck with a few costumes from Pitch Black and have now managed to add some even better screen used items from Pitch Black to my collection (and a couple from CoR!)

Up first is an item that I've been dying to get my hands on for quite some time, it's Riddick's Blindfold from some of the opening scenes in Pitch Black:


Next up is my newest favourite item in my collection. This vest was worn by Vin Diesel throughout Pitch Black, big thanks to PsoL for getting it framed.

To accompany the other costumes I acquired, I've also now picked up Zeke's costume:

The last of the Pitch Black items I've managed to get my hands on is Imam's Breathing unit used by Keith David.

A new addition to my Chronicles of Riddick items is a framed Riddick vest worn by Vin Diesel during all of the scenes on Planet Helion Prime. It still has its original costumers tags attached to it stating exactly which scenes and sequences it was used in.

Last but certainly not least is a set of money from The Chronicles of Riddick. These are 5 light-up U.D Coins that were designed to go alone side the U.D currency tokens, but were unfortunately removed from the final cut of the film.

As always these items and the rest of my collection can be seen on my site at:

Sorry for the Camera-phone quality, I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!
It might be a while before I post any more new additions, I'm really not sure how to top these :lol


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Thats great, i recently watched Chronicles for the first time, and was really impressed by the whole thing, some really nice props and costumes as well as set design.
loved the lord marshals helmet and the way that design was carried through some of the prop and set design.


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Love it! I don't remember the slit for the eye in the blindfold. Maybe that was just there so Vin could see and they shot around it?

Going to check out the rest of your collection...

Edit: Just read your description of the blind fold on your site - guess I have another reason to re-watch it. hehehe