the chronicles of riddick

  1. kittspropshop

    Want to Buy Riddick Blades

    I know I am late to the party but I would like to buy a set of Riddick Blades and proper Xacto handles to make a replica. I would also be interested in a complete set if an unmade kit can't be sourced. Many thanks
  2. tmax

    Chronicles of Riddick Blades...

    Finally got around to these... Metal blades with accurate exacto grips. Blades needed modding for the grips... Blades were epoxied into the grips, then the grips were riveted shut... Time to fill the holes and gaps... Primer... The blades are silver so we polished off...
  3. tmax

    Limited Run Resin Necromonger Dagger - 2nd run interest list

    1st Run - Complete 2nd Run - Interest list open (no deposit required) Hey all. We have recently been given access to a production made handle & blade of the Necromonger Knife from The Chronicles of Riddick... Of course, this is the knife that the Lord Marshall gives Riddick, prompting the...
  4. ajb3art

    Chronicles of Riddick Home Made costume version 5

    i posted this in other threads but they were dead for quite sometime so i made my own. all my COR related stuff will go here from now on starting with my most recent stuff. Below are some pics from a shoot today to show off my home made attire for Chronicles of Riddick (COR). Ulaks are not...
  5. W

    Have you done your homework?

    I just wanted to throw this out there to possibly help some of the newer collectors such as myself. Keep in mind I am in now way bashing Desi or Screenused. They covered all bases in their description and they are a top notch company to work with. Below is a metal dagger from The Chronicles...
  6. W

    Riddick: Hero Sling Blades

    I'm looking for the owner of the hero blades.
  7. W

    Riddick Knives *Updated*

    Here are my latest additions. Being a knife junkie, I figured what better to grab than knives from one of my favorite movies. Screen used stunt sling blades for the Crematoria fight scene. One of the blades was actually cracked during filming. Hero bone knife used on the ice planet UV6 at...
  8. kwalsh0000

    Necromonger Infantry Suit

    Just got this in yesterday from Propstore of London and am delighted with it! Big thanks to PSOL for smooth transaction and great to deal with. I know its not really a rare piece as a good few people have them but have always wanted one and decided to take the plung and dont regret it at all...
  9. Guardian Devil

    My newest screen used props

    I've just added a few new items to my collection - First up is Johns hero metal Baton. Seen at the start of the film, again when Johns recaptures Riddick and finally during Johns final battle with Riddick. Next is a shirt worn by Johns after his final battle with Riddick: Next is a...
  10. Guardian Devil

    My New Pitch Black & CoR items

    As many know my collection has been mainly focused on props and costumes from The Chronicles of Riddick up until now, but a few weeks ago I had a bit of luck with a few costumes from Pitch Black and have now managed to add some even better screen used items from Pitch Black to my collection (and...
  11. Guardian Devil

    Screen Used Riddick Knives & More!

    I'll stop these soon I promise :lol but in my last thread I mentioned I was hoping to get some new recognisable screen used props from The Chronicles of Riddick, so here they are! Very pleased with the newest additions to my collection, so I thought I'd show them here before they get added to...
  12. Guardian Devil

    A few new original Riddick items - Show off

    I've recently added a few new items to my collection and thought I'd take this opportunity to show them off here! First is Riddicks rope weapon that Vin Diesel dramatically swings around on the surface of Crematoria: Next is The Guvs water harness/backpack to accompany The Guvs costume that I...
  13. Guardian Devil

    My Newest Screen Used Costume from the Chronicles of Riddick

    The latest addition to my site is another costume from The Chronicles of Riddick. This time its Yorik Van Wageningen costume as the character 'The Guv' the leader of the Convicts from the Crematoria Slam. Here's a quick picture of it - The page for the costume can be seen at -...