pitch black

  1. tmax

    Limited Run Riddick Necromonger Knife - RESIN - cast from original!

    Hey all. We have recently been given access to a production made handle & blade of the Necromonger Knife from The Chronicles of Riddick... Of course, this is the knife that the Lord Marshall gives Riddick, prompting the line "I think it's a half gram heavy on the back end." Eventually...
  2. tmax

    Chronicles of Riddick Boot Knife - Finished!

    Hey guys, so I've just picked up a couple of Riddick knives by UC... Been after them for a while as my brother-in-law Max was in Chronicles... He also did the new Riddick, so I'll also be working on the knife that Vin used to kill Max from that film too... For Chronicles...
  3. ajb3art

    Chronicles of Riddick Home Made costume version 5

    i posted this in other threads but they were dead for quite sometime so i made my own. all my COR related stuff will go here from now on starting with my most recent stuff. Below are some pics from a shoot today to show off my home made attire for Chronicles of Riddick (COR). Ulaks are not...
  4. Guardian Devil

    Pitch Black - Vin Diesel's Riddick Costume

    This is the newest addition to my collection, took me years to get it, but I couldn't be happier with it now it's here! The entire display is made up of screen used items. Aswell as his goggles, he's holding his hero metal shiv and his blindfold from the opening of the film and even has a set...
  5. Guardian Devil

    My New Pitch Black & CoR items

    As many know my collection has been mainly focused on props and costumes from The Chronicles of Riddick up until now, but a few weeks ago I had a bit of luck with a few costumes from Pitch Black and have now managed to add some even better screen used items from Pitch Black to my collection (and...
  6. Guardian Devil

    Pitch Black - My New Screen Used Costumes

    My collection has been mainly focused on props and costumes from The Chronicles of Riddick up until now as I've never really had the chance at anything from Pitch Black, but I recently had a bit of luck and have managed to add these screen used costumes from Pitch Black to my collection: First...