My Kermit the Frog Replica


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I've wanted my own Kermit the Frog since I was in primary school (so at least 25 years!!!) and I finally managed to get everything together and do it. Took quite a few tries to get it to look like the real one :) I purposefully made him with the thinner torso as he appeared in the Muppet Show, and not the rounder later version. KermitreplicaWeb.jpg


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Thanks for all the kind words! It took me well over 3 months to get it to look like the actual character, but I think it was worth it. Now the bug has bitten me it seems :)


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Nicely done. I always love to see a good kermit. I have a question about the head though. Yours looks very well formed, did you add some stuffing to get it to shape like that? You can always tell Jim's kermit from the later ones cause you can just about see his hand in kermit's head.


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Thanks all for the great feedback! I will try and take some pics of the 'insides' of the puppet and upload them.

Flanman you are quite right, the performing Kermit puppet as seen on the original Muppets does not have any 'skull' - it simply is the fabric that is shaped around Jim Henson's hand. By pulling up the middle finger it gives the shape of the head. For the puppet they use for promo material like photos & posters they use a different one called a poser. This will have stuffing and wiring to keep the shape so they can photograph it.

Mine was made as a poser, I won't be performing with it, so I used craft foam to give it a skull and keep the correct shape. This is most probably the hardest part, because it simply is trial and error until the head actually looks like Kermit :)


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Here are some photos of the under-structure of the puppet. The head is of a previous Kermit version but it is more or less the same as the finished one.
KermitHead.jpg PuppetBody.jpg
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