Building my Robby the Robot


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As I near completion of a project that's taken almost 10 years on-and-off... sometimes held up by other time commitments, technology gaps, my general lack of skills/knowledge, or "that other thing" ;), I thought I would summarize and share my progress so far:


(side note: I've had an account here for many years, and still get email notifications etc., but today when I attempted to sign in the name (mogrinz) and email couldn't be found. No worries, I'm used to starting over ;))
Awesome, man!
You've inspired me to get back to my 1/6 version of Frankie Darrow in the Robby suit. Just need to get his harness sorted, the original looked a rather awkward contraption.. lol
IMG_0164 2 copy.jpg Robby upper harness Bonhams Auction 2017.pngFrankie Darrow Robby the Robot.jpg

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