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since purchasing my gremiln on saturday from london comic con there was something missing. a table to display him on - hes too big for my cabinet, i didnt want him on top of them - so i went up in the loft and re assembled a glass table i had which was the perfect size, then decided to go through my cupboards and found 4 glasses similar in looks to lab ones - so off i went and made some labels, stuck them on the glass, then as i had some polytek clear resin (which dries amber, and some other resin which dries water clear )i set about using the last of the resin i had from another project.

had a little blue translucent window paint left over to colour the resin a dark blue (had no idea if it would work......ok it wasnt 100% sucessful as it did dry alot darker but hey the cost was nothing so ill live with it. gremlin doesnt look so bare on his base now :)

the cost - nothing :)

the text written on the labels i simply was unable to make out from the gremlins 2 dvd - and i have no bluray versions so i adapted to the problem and erm........made the writing up!. i did tinker with a broken glass, a spillage and the male to female related liquid on its side as the movie - but didnt want to create a huge mess so left it bottled to simulate that hes just helped himself to the spider one



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probably classed as vases, left at the back of the cupboard from when the x went many moons ago - may as well put em to good use ;)
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