My GB1 proton pack


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So its halloween I thought I'd share my favorite ghost catching equipment. My proton pack consists of a lot of metal parts....the whole gun is metal with metal parts. The bumper is cast off a screen used GB2 bumper, the grips were cast off screen used grips, and so was the tube ladder. I have a real bumper bellows along with real legris elbows. The resistors on the pack are real, as well the crank knob. The injector tubes on the side are metal, as well as the HGA. Now the shell...the shell was retro fitted to be a GB1 shell. The person I got this from had a shell from the production molds and did very extensive research to get these to screen accuracy. Only thing he left out was that the N-filter in GB1 was metal and bolted to the shell as in GB2 it was molded on.

So here are some pics






yea...finding some of the old parts was a pain in the butt....the correct first gen legris elbows are very hard too find. And I still need to add lights and sound to it, so I'm not done yet lol
While he makes decent lights zombie amusements has been banned on GBfans for recasting. Not sure how that really comes into play here but its known.
ive been looking into either using r2devo or crix. But i know crix doesnt offer gun lights and i'm not sure if the two are compatible with each other ( i.e if I can just cross wire them together) But to get it even more accurate I have one of the HGA washer stickers coming from gbfans so that'll be nice. Only thing left will be if I want to cut off the N-filter and use a metal one
Wow I know this is from last year but Ive never seen a build where all cast parts can be traced back to originals.

Impressive pack, and couch!
nope, haven't bought anything for it, i'm pretty happy with where it is. I do plan on building a display case but thats about it
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