My first prop build, here at least, Medieval Haeley Quinn`s hammer


My first prop built for cosplay use.I have a good friend doing a awesome Harley, So I thought I would hive the hammer a try.So here goes nothing.

Comments and tips for improvement are greatly appreciated. Never mind the extra picture that snook in somehow-P

2015-03-03 23.30.39.jpg 2015-03-03 23.30.56.jpg 20150303_233023.jpg

2015-03-03 23.31.04.jpg 2015-03-03 23.30.39.jpg



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    2015-03-27 21.02.10.jpg
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First prop??? no way! this looks amazing! Congrats on a great build.

Would love to see some more weathering on the "wooden" part of the hammer head.
Also, have you got any process photos? I would love to see how you constructed it!




Well, I've made tons of stuff before, this is however my first actual prop from a game/movie etc.

Yeah, some more weathering would be nice, it's a bit new looking, but I quite happy with it.

Here is a picture of my friend as Harley with the hammer.




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it came out pretty awesome!

welcome to the site!:cool
(even though i notice you've been lurking for a couple years its good to hear from you)
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