My first DIY-3D printed Lightsaber...Baylan Skoll


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After a a few years of 3D printing, I finally got around to making a lightsaber...don't know what took me so long. After watching Ahsoka, I really liked Ray Stevenson's portrayal of Baylan Skoll....fortunately, for me, one of my Patreon groups had a really nice Baylan I decided to try it....I'm pretty pleased with it, couple of things I would change if I made another one. The hilt isn't as long as it should be, and the pommel doesn't have a D ring, but all in all, I love it and it is a lot of fun to geek out in front of my wife that just rolls her


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I've got both of their files, too...and Marko just added an updated pommel (with the facets, like the hero prop).

I've printed the GA saber already as a belthanger, but I wanted a functional version too, so I'm currently printing Marko's and have ordered a Neopixel saber core and blade for it.


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