My entire RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK collection.


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I was very hesitant to see Raiders of the Lost Ark for it's opening weekend of June 12th, 1981 when I was 9 years old, but my parents wanted to go see the film that the buzz had everybody talking about. I thought it looked like those old black and white movies my mother would watch on weekend afternoons that held little interest in my world of Star Wars and more recently, the Empire Strikes Back. Even though the lead character was played by 'Han Solo', I could hold no real interest in it. Still, I went, dragged by my parents who said I'd enjoy it. I had no choice.

What I'd give to be able to relive that moment again.

Raiders of the Lost Ark had such a dramatic impact on me as a 9 year old boy and it still does today. It took only one showing and I immediately wanted to go back. Thanks to my mother, who enjoyed it as much as I did, I got to see it again and again and again in the summer of 1981 and the following summer during it's popular and successful re-release. My world was transformed.

Like any 9 year old after seeing Raiders, I wanted to be Indiana Jones. I was soon toting my grandfathers old brown fedora, white dress shirt, khaki pants and Mark 6 gas mask bag given to me by my father. My parents soon gifted me with my first whip from Pier 1 Imports and my first costume was complete enough. Then it was off to the yard for many adventures with friends who had just as deep an admiration for Raiders. I can remember going to summer camp that year. When my father dropped me off he gave me the Raiders comic book and that made my week. Christmas of 1981 I was spoiled with Raiders goods including t-shirts, sweatshirts, a box of Raiders cards and Raiders:The Movie on Record. I can vividly remember sitting in front of the turntable on Christmas morning listening to that record over and over again while opening up a full box of cards. It was the next best thing to seeing the movie at that time. Those are memories I'll cherish forever. Seeing Raiders that summer ignited something in me that has not diminished in almost a quarter of a century.

Ever since it's release I've never stopped looking for interesting items from Raiders. I'd sometimes come across things at conventions or book stores but it was a fairly rare occurance. All of that changed when I was introduced to the internet in the early 1990's. It opened up a whole new world to collecting and introduced me to a world of Raiders of the Lost Ark memorabelia from around the globe that I had no idea even existed until that point. I now had access to a network of people from around the globe to indulge in my hobby. Others who felt just as passionate about this timeless film as I did.

Through all my years of research in my hobby I've come to find that there were not too many liscences distibuted for Raiders as there were for it's two sequels meaning there is alot less Raiders memorabelia out there to collect. Still, there is much more material than one might think and I think my collection to date reflects that. My interests in Raiders are very broad. I basically collect anything to do with the film. I find the foreign items to be my favorites and among the more rare. I've been lucky enough to acquire pieces used in the production as well as replica items and costumes, some of which have been produced by those who worked on the actual film costumes. Screen used pieces are very rare. Many of them were destroyed during or after filming. Quite a few of the costumes were rented and it's believed that most or all of the costumes made for the film remain in the Lucasfilm archives, seen by only a select and not to mention, lucky few.

All of this is due to the wonderful world established by all of the creative and talented people behind the world of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's magic. In my opinion, no other film has yet to achieve it's greatness. No other film that I have seen has combined such a perfect balance of action, suspense, drama, comedy, horror, history, religion, and science fiction while being driven by a powerful and memorable score over incredible sound and visual effects. Wonderfully written, beautifully conceived, constructed, shot and performed by a small crew of talented and professional veteran actors, artists, craftsmen and visual effects wizards under the direction of one of the most talented directors in the history of cinema. It's a timeless and iconic film and I'm very thankful for all the enjoyment it's given me over the years on so many levels. Unlike almost any other film, I never tire of watching it and I never tire in my quest to unearth the next item to add to my collection. So, here for the first time is my entire Raiders of the Lost Ark collection. Every single piece in it's entirety.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

If you are ever interested in selling or trading any Raiders of the Lost Ark memorabelia, have any new information on anything new or old, or just have any questions, please feel to shoot me a pm anytime. Always interested.


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Super nice stuff. Especially the German ammo box (but the "this side up" writing is out of place?)

One thing missing is Chewie15 Indy bust. You must get that to complete your collection :D


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Nice write up. Brought back memories of my first viewing at a cinedome in Salt Lake City. I was 14, saw it with a cousin, and sweet young lady who was a friend of my cousin's family. I fell in love -- with the movie and with the girl....

Ah the sweet golden aura of retrospect.


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Thank you, everyone. It makes all the weeks of picture taking and all the hours in front of the computer loading and writing all worth it.

I do have a Chewie15 Raiders bust but I'm chopping the hair off and resculpting it to be able to fit a 7 1/4 size hat that I wear, my mannequin wears and Ford wore in Raiders. That's on a long list of projects that I keep putting off. Hopefully some summer weather will cure that. :thumbsup


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Awesome collection. I have a pristine 82' re-issue poster oversized for display in the NYC subways. It measures 30" x 45", on card stock, with the standard 82' "The Return of the Great Adventure" re-issue artwork. But, at the bottom of the poster is printed in bold face, "Opens March 25th at the Loews Astor Plaza and at a Theater Near You". Underneath that is printed the address and telephone number of the theater. Pretty cool. Adds a little more to it, you know. I'm a bit of an original movie poster nut, and nothing is better than a good deal. I got the poster for, I can't remember exactly, but it was like $42.00 or something.

I have it in a custom archival Hollywood Poster Frames frame, and it's looking at me as I type this.


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Entire collection? c'mon, I know there're still a few things you're keepin under wraps ;) I want to see the famous Agent5 Indy photo collection. :love


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It's fantastic to finally see all of these great items in your wonderful collection. Excellent way of documenting the items.
Your weathered costume display looks outstanding.
Thanks for sharing.
From one Raiders fan to another, I tip my Fedora to you sir.



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Great collection. I also have been collecting lately for this film and have the costume so far put together. I have a IM brass RA piece along with the pole fittings on order and have started work on the ark. Cool to see others collections and enthusiasm for the film like this, great post.

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I love the way you archived everything. Great read and incredible collection. I love how you have been laser focused with your collection and passion.

Just out of curiosity, did you ever purchase a Short Round cap? I did from a vintage replication company and it is fantatsic.


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NICE collection. Thanks for sharing.

I remember going to the theater all the time in the summer of '81. I must have practically lived there, actually, 'cause I saw Raiders 21 times that summer, and made it back three more times on the re-release in '82.

I've just recently started getting Indy items in my collection, but it's been a lot of fun so far. It's really brought back a lot of memories, and seeing a collection as amazing as that is quite inspiring. Cool stuff.



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very very cool collection.

i would proudly show off my entire indy collection, but it would be one pic :lol

jedidentists indy diamond :)

i dig the setup you have going as well. you can tell a lot of time and love went into the whole thing.

i was 4? maybe when it opened, and saw it and star wars in a local double feature with my parents. i knew nothing about it, but it made me decide never to peek in old boxes just in case they were the ark ;)


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Man, that is one outstanding collection.
Nicely organized too.
I love Raiders, and need to start filling out a bit of the collection...