My Custom built Doctor Who Sonics...


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My "metal" sonics. These were all custom built. The 4th, War Doctor, 9th & 10Th were all built by Sanholo80. The 8th was built by RussRep and the 11th / 12th was built by Kursosawa. And a few of my TARDIS keys.

11209585_1115737981775715_2863786259585961374_n.jpg 11218503_1115738035109043_1776895537232391785_n.jpg 11149470_1115738011775712_7790974676101847631_n.jpg 1908183_1115738058442374_3994273287320592051_n.jpg 11150247_1115738085109038_6403772065685359007_n.jpg 11175008_1115738111775702_8282395657514125010_n.jpg 11118142_1115738128442367_5993402412485239244_n.jpg


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