My custom built 12” Eagles


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Hi folks

Some of you might recall a project I started a while back and posted to the “Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Build Club” thread, that was based around customizing the AMT/MPC/Airfix Eagle with a mix of scratch-built and custom designed parts in resin and brass. For various reasons, I had to park that effort a little under a year ago, but since re-starting a short while back it has taken a significant turn in development involving the replacement of many components with custom designed 3D printed parts. The main reason for this was the use of resin command modules which altered the proportions of the model to such an extent that most of the other parts needed to be resized. This meant that many of the previous parts were no longer viable so in a slight reversal of the original principles behind 3D printing, I used these parts to experiment on and scratch build raw prototypes which I then re-mastered through CAD and 3D printed. The end result of this is that there’s not much of the AMT kit remaining, just the main parts of the landing pods and the underside of the passenger pod, both heavily modified. The rest of the parts are a mixture of custom designed etch, supplemented by resin command modules and turned aluminium engine bells, thrusters and sensor dishes. The builds are finally complete in every sense but the final paint and decal job.

I have provided a “Primed” view of the two builds – first coat primed, with the custom etch (and aluminium parts) showing in all their glory. The Eagle Transporter is shown with the cages in place while the Nuclear Waste Carrier is shown without in order to better reveal the walkway detail. It’s almost sad that these parts will be covered up in the final paint job. Apologies for the wonkiness of some of the parts – this is a dry build so many are (precariously) held together with blu-tack – and some of the photos. The dry builds are meant to provide an impression of the overall builds.

The highlights are as follows: The landing gear, both main and on the pods, is fully working (the gear for the NWC pod is not shown). The pods connect to the spine through tiny but powerful neodymium magnets. Although had to see from the pictures, due to the lighting and the grey primer, the forward walkway, passenger pod and aft engine compartment are fully detailed. These will be picked out better during the final paint job. The exterior of the walkways are detailed in custom etch. The engine and thrusters are supplemented with three sizes of custom baffles. The main doors to the passenger pod slide aside and the doors to the walkways are all removable. Although steel pins have been used for the dry builds in some areas, all connecting components – brackets, hinges, spine, including the command module and engine assembly, will all be connected using tiny brass hex bolts, to support both movement and disassembly. Some of these can already be seen in place. These will be removed and returned post-paint and then trimmed to the right length.

If I were to sum up this project in one word I would probably choose ‘traumatic’. While I am very satisfied with the end result, the amount of effort, frustration, exhaustion and sheer expense that went into this venture, almost put me off from model making just as I was trying to get back into it. It is certainly not something I would do again in a hurry.

To finish the Eagles (and their accompanying full-sized launch pad!) will require a quality paint job and this will necessitate re-learning my painting and airbrushing skills and acquiring a few new ones. To this end and to try and get into some ‘enjoyable’ model making again, I have started on a brace of Spitfires – my first Spitfires since the early 80’s – on which to practice. For the time being, they have been packed away (literally wrapped in cotton wool). When I return to the Eagles and complete their paintwork I’ll post the final pictures. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Eagles in their primed state. Adieu!
! IMG_0216.JPGIMG_0218.JPGIMG_0221.JPGIMG_0240.JPGIMG_0251.JPGIMG_0255.JPGIMG_0256.JPG
Brilliant, I'm building the Warp 1/72 & have the MPC re-release,......both of these kits look like a blurry JPEG compared to your high level of detail

You are right to pause here, in regards to painting, until you have confidence & experience

Painting is my least enjoyable part of model building,.....I've messed up so many models at that stage

Thanks for posting,....your photos are very inspirational

Thanks Jaitea!

My original intention was to simply improve the MPC kit, but one improvement led to another and another then it spiralled out of control and the above is the end result. :p

While head and shoulders beyond the MPC kit in terms of accuracy I found the Warp kit to be just too crude for my liking while the resins have been a bit touch and go.

I understand what you mean about painting. It's the trickiest part for sure and takes time and effort to see real effects, especially with an airbrush (masking, masking, masking...) hence my plan to practice on a couple of spits!

Cheers for now!

Damned spanky work there sir !! Love the NMC cage. Do you have any shots of the interior of the pod? I had hoped you had printed out the spine on a 3D printer. Looking forward to seeing it all painted up.

Best regards.
Thanks narvik!

Yes, the spine was printed. As for the pod, here you go. This is the only shot I took - the upper half - before packing it away. I have seats for the lower half to make a standard transporter pod but I'm still in two minds as to whether to use this or go for a survey pod interior.

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