My C-57D in AFM

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Captain Han Solo, Jun 19, 2015.

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    Hey guys!

    I thought there would be some interest in how I did the Photograph in an issue for a How -To In Amazing Figure Modeler..


    I did a step by step build up of the smaller Polar Lights/Round 2 C-57D from Forbidden Planet. The kit is a fun build and the deluxe kit(the subject of the article and this thread), is even better because it includes Lighting and a small motor to spin the engine cage...

    Here is my finished build getting Photographed...


    And here it is in Space...Because I can't catch a ride into the outer atmosphere, I had to digitally add the Star Field Background. I also added some grain to the Picture which you can see altered the color a little...


    Again FUN build if you haven't picked the kit up yet!
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    Very nice ,
    I too have this model but have not done it yet :p
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    Very handsome result, mate! Became a fan last year after reading about it and locating a copy on DVD to watch (colorized of course.) Your 'shopped image looks very much like what I saw in the movie - at least on my TV!
    Regards, Robert

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