My Bioshock Adam Syringe build.


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Prop Dad here from Cosplay4UsAll. I have posted here only a couple of times but have never walked through a build. I am going to build one of our Adam Syringes and post as many pics and answer as many questions along the way. I started making these when my daughter wanted to do a little sister cosplay in Spring 2012. She came to me and her mother for help. She showed me one that Volpin had made and following his blog I decided to try my hand at doing the same. Volpin had done a great job and to be honest I had never done anything like this EVER. The greatest thing I learned along the way was that there is no one certain way to make stuff and I now look at every object out there differently. So follow me as I turn this...

adam syringesA.jpg

Into reality.

FYI in case anyone was wondering I was "assigned" my name from Johnny at Junkers Cosplay.

Also feel free to make suggestions along the way as I have made a few revisions already from the original I build.

What we have here in the first picture is almost everything I use during the build.



Link to full album!
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There are red shampoos and hair gels that you can use instead of adding food coloring to what you have there.
One of the brands is a nice red color and has tiny bits of pomegranate in it that has the in game look.

This might help.
Where abouts did you manage to find the gas pump?

I forget what site I got them from last time but it was a farm/tractor supply place. After doing quite a bit of research I did come up with these part numbers for the company who ACTUALLY makes the nozzles. I say actually because some places resell them under different names and part numbers.

Re: division 6, NICE! Thanks for the pic.

More pics from me.

I disassemble the nozzle...


remove the rubber o-ring from the valve rod. This will make it easier to slide in and out to activate the switch/light. I also put aside the parts that will not be going back in.

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This part is the one I hate the most. Grinding down the handle. I was using a bench grinder for the majority of this until someone here pointed out the dangers of the aluminum gumming up on the well, heating and expanding, and possibly the wheel exploding. Since I like to keep my organs intact I picked up this sweet little angle grinder on clearance for $45..


The wheel is softer than a bench grinding wheel so it disintegrates and does not gum up. I mark off where I want to grind...


and go to work


For the finer edges I use a Dremel


and a chisel




Sorry for this next pic. I made these before I decided to post this build here. It is a couple of PVC pieces glued together and Epoxie Sculpt on one end.


I screw in this piece to get a measurement for my next part to cut.


And last on this comment, I have notched this to fit on the end of the handle.


More latter!!
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A little more progress. Cutting and more grinding.


I have cut the end of the nozzle and the hook off. I have also made a bunch of cuts/scratches. This will help grab paint during the weathering process later on. I have sanded the Apoxie Sculpt smooth as well. Now the handle is ready for paint (my wife) and I will move on to other bits while she is doing that.
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Todays update is installing the switch. The white disc is a left over piece from the valve assembly. The rod is what pushed the valve open.


I cut down the rod to make room for the depth of the switch and then set the switch into the handle with Apoxie Sculpt.

This next step is a revision of the original that I made here.


I used to just stick some Apoxie Sculpt in to the end of the nozzle and use a paint brush handle for the needle. We had a customer request that the needle be removable. Below is the change I made

The dowel rod that was seen laying next to the handle in the first pic has now been cut in half and magnets attached.


After that I drill a hole that the paint brush can be set into and glue it.


As you can see it simply slides in and out.
Thanks guys. Sorry I have not updated in awhile. I have gotten caught up in a commission request. Few more photos here. This is where I use food coloring and hair gel to create the ADAM. Once the ADAM is in the bottle I use the body of a marker to help transmit the LED light more towards the center of the bottle.


This next part (video) is not from this specific build but it is how I get the ADAM in to the bottle which can be kind of funny to watch.

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Hey hey!! Sorry have not posted an update in awhile, was busy with another project. Today I made a little bit more progress....


So, no need to cover how I got the "ADAM" into the bottle as I posted a video before. I use the highlighter marker body for a couple of reasons. 1) It is a way to seal the bottle. It fits the neck perfectly when inserted. 2) It allows me to get the LED into the middle of the ADAM.

The picture with the 2 LEDs shows the one I used before and the new one I am going to use this time. The new one being the bare LED without the base.
Thanks! Few more pics today :)

Today I get to show you a resin cast nipple!! After a couple of these things and realizing paint does not want to stick to a latex baby nipple very well we decided to make a cast. It helped in adhesion 2 ways. 1, getting rid of the latex. 2, not using a flexible material helped too.


After that, grinding cutting and drilling. Hmm, this sounds like an adult thread :p


The threaded hollow tube will be used to run wires to the LED in the bottle.
PVC has been painted. Threaded tube cut to length and screwed together. LED set into bottle and then bottle is hot glued to PVC. This is done in 2 spots. First line of glue goes where the bottle seats into the PVC. After that is set then it is glued again around the edge/seam. This does 2 things. It adds strength and also gives a weld effect especially after weathering.

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