My Babylon 5 Army of Light uniform.


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Good everyone. I don't post that often so I thought I would post this. Im taking a wee break from updating my trek costumes that have suddenly shrunk over the last 30+ years of costuming. This past weekend I got to debut my Babylon 5 Army of Light uniform at Planet Comicon Kansas City. From drafting the pattern to tracking the parts of the blue/silver trim down to the embroidery of the front panel and doing 99% of the brass work myself took about 9 months to put together. I think it turned out quite well. I did take a short cut or two ie: turning it into a pull over and skipping the zippers altogether and put in snaps saved a little bit of time. if there are any questions please feel free to ask and I maybe able to answer them.
Frakes 1.jpg

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