My 1/5 Pred Sculpt

Agree with Bonecollector. Dude you HAVE to cast this or something. Find a company to do it for u!
Just tighten up the anatomy and proportions, no need to go crazy over the details, at this scale its already insane. Joe Dunaway will go nuts painting these kits. Keep em coming.
here are some updated pics.............




Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I pretty much finished the sculpt and baked it today. I sprayed a coat of primer on it to see all the areas that need to be fixed. It is still kinda ruff.


Baked to perfection I'd say
That come out looking badfukinass!!.......poor guy who ended up as an ass flap lol........was that poetic justice for telling the pred to kiss his ass lol
Really nice detailing man....cant wait to see it finished.
Well it is almost done! I sculpt the hands and made some new teeth for the mouth. I should be doing the mold sometime this week. As long as everything goes as planned I will have them for sale at a very reasonable price. I included some pics compared to Narin's Bad Blood.



Sorry guys, but the mold didn't go well. Looks like this will just be a 1 of 1 statue. I will still paint it up and post some pics when it is done.
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