My 1/5 Pred Sculpt


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I decided to try my hand at sculpting my own 1/5 scale predator statue. I am using super sculpey and just making up the design as I go. It is coming along pretty wicked so far. Here is a little teaser photo.........
Thanks guys! Here are some more pics. It is coming along pretty slow, but I almost have it all ruffed out. Still missing a foot and the hands along with a bunch of armor to go.




Thanks guys! I might try to make it into a model kit if I get enough interest. It is far from being done, so I will decide when it is finished.
That is just an amazing piece Milk! The armor looks great and the overall style of the skin and head look great as well!
WOW, the detail is just incredible. It would look great in 1:1. The torso and armor look like one of your bust works, is the head from one of your previous 1:1 scale works too?
I do like new styles of armor and i think its looks very cool and primal.I love the use of metal in there too.I have not added metal or anything other than clay to my sculpts yet.I did buy some magic sculpt epoxy but the detail is much harder to get with that stuff, but wow epoxy is rock solid.
Any way awesome work milk!!!
I can definitely say this is going to turn out to be one of the coolest PREDATOR related sculpts out there.

I just love the style. It's almost NARIN-ish without being NARIN-ish... (if that makes any sense?). But, who's comparing?
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