Music ! RPF we are world wide. and music Is world wide. I want to hear It !


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(I have the entire album, and I like listening to it start to finish. But, since I'm posting one song, I figured this would be the best one outside of "Eyes of a Stranger")



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These guys are Christian Rock. I always associated that with preachy annoying crap that I would never listen to (even though I'm a Christian).

I'm familiar with them. I've seen them live in concert three times at Wild Adventures Amusement Park (the park that was used for Pacific Playland in Zombieland).


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I had never heard of them until a local station that plays new rock was playing one of their songs a few years back. I looked them up to see WTH their name was Skillet and couldn't believe they are Christian Rock. They're just a great rock group IMO!

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Was just alerted to some awesome music that was playing in the Senua's Saga: Hellblade II reveal trailer. It was performed in the trailer by the titular character, but it is music from a group called Heilung, who make the most captivating and utterly primal Viking and Norse inspired music with a twist. I did not know this kind of music existed and I feel enriched by it and it's raw and unapologetic sound.

They actually have one of their concerts up for view on youtube, but if you only want to check out some of their songs you can check them out on their channel - I especially like Krigsgaldr, In Maidjan (which is the song used in the Hellblade II trailer), or Hamrer Hippyer.

But while checking out song vocal teacher reactions to their songs I stumbled upon this in a similar vein that I like as well from Wardruna featuring Aurora.


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Just discovered the Mongolian band The HU and have been listening to their song Wolf Totem for two days straight.

Also the Wind Rose cover of Diggy Diggy Hole


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All time classic from the first Megadeth record and shortly used by apple. Never thought that somebody with taste works and this bs-company.

One of my favorite pieces from the overall great John Wick score.


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Been listening to The Songs of Defiance, to honor the game that is soon to close. I bought the CD a while ago (along with the video game/Season 1 soundtrack, the score for both the game and show down by Bear MacReary of Battlestar Galactica and Outlander fame).

Before you ask, there's an English version of the cover.

And a few of the songs that actually turned up in the show.

This is still my favorite track from the score for the game:

And, of course, the theme for both game and show...



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Due to working on a fan fiction story, I've listened to the following songs for inspiration:

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These guys are Christian Rock. I always associated that with preachy annoying crap that I would never listen to (even though I'm a Christian).

Speaking of Christian Rock, here's a 1991 track from Chagall Guevara -- "The Best Band You Never Heard," (although you and I may have discussed them in the past; I seem to have a memory of having done so with someone here). They never explicitly identified their music as "Christian rock," but every member was and is a Christian musician working in that niche. I think they felt there was a de facto "glass ceiling" for things labeled "Christian rock," and they were hoping to get around that. They got poor promotion from their record company, so breaking that glass ceiling at large didn't happen -- although one song of theirs ("Tale O' the Twister") can be heard briefly in the Christian Slater film Pump Up the Volume.

These guys reunited a year or so back to finally finish several tracks they had originally recorded back in the '90s for a follow-up album we never got, and they have recorded some new songs for that as well. The new album, called Halcyon Days, should be out in the next few months.


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