Music ! RPF we are world wide. and music Is world wide. I want to hear It !


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I love pretty much all genres apart from Gangster Rap and modern Country

My all time favorites being Queen, T.Rex, Bauhaus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flaming Lips and early Iron Maiden

Lately though I have been on a kick listening to this album
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Sean,no apologies needed and thank you for reviving your music thread.
I would post a link to the song 'Higher' by Creed if it weren't for the fact that I don't think the clip compliments the song.But yeah,that would be my motivator:cool
Less news bulletins,more music,Sean.I pray everyone in the storm's path will be safe.


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I listen almost everything and a lot of stuff in this thread is in my playlist. I also listen to something that's inherently Dutch, got wildly popular on continental Europe (Britain barely knows of it, though there's an underground scene and my favourite freestyle DJ is british (Kutski).) It's spread out to Australia and Chile as well.

There's more than one track in this video but this is the edition I went to. What a day (It's a 3-day festival but I only went on Saturday)
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