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I thought the High School Scooby Doo plan was absolute cringe worthy. Can't really see myself ever giving this show a rewatch.

What was up with the ending? Did she transform into Captain Marvel or just disappear and Carol Danvers appears or what?
If she'd transformed into Carol, why would she have a different uniform? I can just imagine Carol showing up in that room and for a second wondering if she'd been snatched by a crazy person.

I'm sorry you couldn't find the joy in this show, but I, for one, loved it.


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I finally got a chance to watch this series over the weekend. I really enjoyed it! I thought episode 2 was a little boring but after that, it really picked up and I enjoyed it more. I loved how they integrated animated graphics into the episodes. It reminded me of the stuff you would see in movies like Better Off Dead. I held off watching it because I didn't know much about the Kamala Khan version of Ms. Marvel. Also, some of the D+ Marvel series have been less than stellar. Maybe that's on me, I have been in a bit of a post-Endgame funk. So far, Ms. Marvel is one of the best things I've seen from Phase 4.

There was a quote in the series that really resonated with me. Someone tells Kamala that being good isn't something that you are. It's something that you do. I thought that was profound because, most people probably think that they are a good person, but rarely do good things. That's certainly true of me. It probably applies to the majority of people. At least it gave me something to think about. Great show, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Kamala in the wider MCU.


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I hit the ten second skip button quite a bit through episodes two and three, and I haven't watched an episode past three. I really enjoyed the first episode, but it got way to heavy into another subject entirely for my tastes, so I lost interest in it.


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I watched this show over the course of maybe a week, basically binging it now that it's all out. I've found that I enjoy shows better when I can cruise through them in about a week or two, rather than trying to analyze episodes week-to-week, at least when it comes to serial shows. Episodic TV is different. I don't care about the week-long wait then. But I don't think you can -- when it comes to what are essentially miniseries shows -- evaluate the show on an episode-by-episode basis. That's like saying "Wow! Great first chapter to this book but, hmm....Chapters 2-3 kinda lost me. It got way better again in Chapter 4, though!" I don't read books that way. I just, you know, read the book and then evaluate the whole when it's finished. (If I worked as an editor, it'd be a different story.)

Anyway, that's how I approach shows like this, and on that basis, I loved it. Not every episode was a home run on its own, but every episode worked to tell a complete and very entertaining and compelling story. I actually wish it had been a little bit longer, but I'm ok with this being kind of the tee-up for other adventures.


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Finished it tonight.

I was really satisfied with the whole thing. Episode 5 was a standout for me. I really liked seeing Aisha and finding out how that was intertwined with Kamala.

I thought the soundtrack was superb. A fight scene to “Living On A Prayer?” Sign me up.

I think, most importantly, it left me wanting to see more of Kamala and her friends/family. I guess that’s really about the best thing a show can do, is make you want more.

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