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Oh, well if it's on the internet, then it must be true, right? LOL Both those opinion pieces listed the same source: Samba TV. Not Disney. Going to Samba TV's site doesn't reveal any information on how they obtain their data. You can believe whatever you like if it makes you happy, but all that stuff still sounds sketchy to me.


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Oh, well if it's on the internet, then it must be true, right? LOL Both those opinion pieces listed the same source: Samba TV. Not Disney. Going to Samba TV's site doesn't reveal any information on how they obtain their data. You can believe whatever you like if it makes you happy, but all that stuff still sounds sketchy to me.
I don't care one way or the other. I just offered it as a possible explanation as to why there isn't as much chatter regarding the show.


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The switch of scenery from Jersey to Karachi (in actuality, Bangkok) in the latest episode was a nice change of pace. But man, that shaky cam during the chase sequence was positively seizure inducing!


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I really enjoyed this episode. It was nice getting more information about the larger conflict and what the Clandestined want, as well as the potential larger implications. I also quite liked that we got some time with Muneeba and her mother. I think it will really help people unfamiliar with the comics understand a bit more why she's so hard on Kamala.


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Another really enjoyable episode, the deepening of the family connections by going to Karachi to meet Kamala's grandmother was a nice development along with the interaction between Muneeba and Noni.
It was also nice to see Kamala with her cousins and start a new friendship with the young guy from the Red Daggers and his friends.
I liked the way they visualised the Noor dimension exisitng parallel to ours with that cool display featuring the very traditional paper map and the reticule apparatus over the top which then gave a more high tech/mystical overlay of the Noor dimension.
It was also cool to see Kamala start to get more of a hold on her powers after the build up over the last few episodes and she was able to hold her own in a fight, albeit with some remaining haphazard aspects which were understandable, namely when she first fought the more experienced young guy at the train station.
I liked the newest Ant Man nod in the form of the mural on the wall at Karachi train station.
Ant Man Mural.png


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After all the Ant Man references, I would love a cameo, even if it is just Kamala listening to Scott's podcast and having Rudd doin the voice work.

A Carol Danvers cameo would also be great.
Having said that, I'm just enjoying the show and don't necessarily expect either although of the two Carol would be the logical choice given Kamala's direct tie to The Marvels next year.


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Another fantastic episode!
I'll wrap my thoughts in spoilers for now until everyone has had a chance to see the episode as I appreciate being the the UK I get to see this before American fans.

The changing of the opening Marvel Studios logo was cool. I really liked the overview of the history of the division of India and Pakistan, a part of history I wasn't overly familiar with but the opening scenes gave an interesting overview of.
It was a bold move to have the bulk of the episode be about Kamala's family history without having Kamala herself show up until almost halfway through the episode. but it felt necessary to tell the story. Although it was fairly clear Kamala would be the one to lead her grandmother to her father, the scene worked really well because of the emotion and tension of situation, kudos to the writers and director.

Great to see Kamala continue to use her powers more confidently, especially in the scene trying to close the veil.
I love the scenes between Kamala, her mother and her grandmother.
It seems like Kamran getting his powers is fairly in line with him getting powers in the comics.
Also a nice touch with Kamala's name pendant breaking to form her trademark lightning bolt emblem that is a signature symbol of this character.

Again Laura Karpman is absolutely nailing the music, with her blend of orchestral and eastern influenced instruments and vocals. I can't wait until the full soundtrack is released.
I've been enjoying the score so far through Spotify.
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I really liked the first episode but frankly, I have to say this show has mostly lost me. For me it has just gotten progressively more boring. It has lost so much of the quirky, fun energy from that first episode, transitioning to much more standard fare. Going on and on and on about the family history and the Pakistani partition is fine... but just not that compelling for me. Even the sporadic action sequences haven't really been that great. I've held on though and we'll see how the finale shapes up.
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That was a FANTASTIC ending to the first series.
Also a perfect lead into The Marvels.
I liked how Muniba's reversal of the line "we trust you" from the first episode really cemented her trust in Kamala and showed the growth of the relationship after being together in Karahci.
Brian, Bruno's self sacrifice for Kamran even after almost seeing him and Kamala showed tremendous maturity on Bruno's part, which although never in doubt, was still a very selfless and noble thing to do.
There were so many great moments in this episode, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and can't wait to see what happens when Kamala, Carol and Monica team up in The Marvels next year.
I really hope we get a second series as the characters although really well fleshed out really deserve more time to explore their various relationships with Kamala.

We are so lucky to be getting this golden age of Superheroes on both film and TV/streaming.
Very grateful to Marvel Studios and Disney+ for their hard work.

I hope everyone enjoys the finale spoiler free too.


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That was a FANTASTIC ending to the first series.
I agree. Not only a nail-biting ending to the series story but SO MUCH MORE!! I loved the action, loved the costume, loved the performances (I teared up several times), loved seeing Kamala finally strut her stuff properly... and then...!! No spoilers... but I'll just leave this gigantic, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted, glow-in-the-dark WTF!! here to keep you all company until you get a chance to see it for yourselves! :D What a bloody great series this has been. Top marks!


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Really felt the last two episodes were very rushed, and a bit all over the place. Doesn't feel like there was a resolution to any of the storylines they started, and nothing really pays off by the end.

Everything seems to just 180 into place for reasons, the reason being they have run out of episodes. Strong start, disappointing ending.


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So, I enjoyed a decent amount of the series, but it did lack cohesion. I think having different directors for each episode was partly to blame. Usually, TV directors are esentially "jobbers," with far less creative control over each episode than film directors and their movies. I get the feeling each director (or directing team) was given more leeway for Ms. Marvel, which led to the disjunct feeling I had from episode to episode.

I initially thought the Pakistan storyline was a great idea, but it fell flat, and felt as if it had little relation to the stateside story, almost forced in. It also seemed to wrap up the Clandestines story too quickly, and left me kind of confused as to what the point of it was, or even what happened to end it so abruptly. I've also said that the best part of the series is Iman Velanni's characterization of Kamala, so pushing her aside and not seeing her for the first 20 minutes of ep 5 seemed like a mistake. When she did appear, she still felt like an afterthought. It really highlighted the fact that the timetravel element was superfluous. The fact that they needed to show an extended recap before the final episode served as a reminder that the original storyline and characters of the first few episodes was possibly already forgotten by a lot of viewers.

The final ep had some problems, mostly dealing with the sudden powers of Kamran (which, storywise, felt like it came out of nowhere). The disclamer run at the top of the show obviously referring to the school setting and children being shot at was unfortately necessary, but the scene itself felt a little too "sugar coated" for me; law enforcement trying to take out kids should probably feel more impactful than how it was presented, and less like a scene from "The Goonies" or "Home Alone," but I know the series is light in tone overall. I guess I would've liked them to get more into the anti-Muslim sentiment in America, treat it a bit more seriously. But again, I know that wasn't the idea.

Still, I did like the series, despite the bumps, and I look forward to the next appearence of Ms. Marvel.

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If y'all would indulge me for a moment, I'd like to share my personal thoughts & experience with this show.

I first of all want to say that, other than WandaVision, this is the best storytelling MARVEL has done in a DISNEY+ show. WV told a very personal story about dealing with soul-crushing grief & depression in a new way, whereas this show told the story about not being able to see where you're headed because you fail to see any path. In this case, she's destined to be the hero, but hasn't seen any "brown girls from Jersey" go that direction before her, & I felt it was told in a compassionate, respectful, NON -POLITICAL way that was completely refreshing. Being COMPLETELY out of the show's target demo, it actually made me feel a bit 'youthful', shall we say, & entertained me on every level.

Full disclosure... I am a 50 year old, Christian, Caucasian man, born & raised in the southern United States of America, so in other words, society's embodiment of the ultimate SATAN/EVIL/MEPHISTO/EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY. I won't share my political leanings, but I'll give you 3 guesses & the first 2 don't count.

I say that to say this ...

A lot of folks would think I have a problem with 'inclusion', based simply on the facts I stated above, but this show I feel, has shown not only the importance of it, but did it in the most perfect way possible. It says this is the character, this is what her life is like, these are her friends, this is her family, this is her heritage, these are her problems, BUT, it doesn't say that those things alone define WHO the character IS, in a way that would exclude anyone NOT familiar with these things from understanding & enjoying the story.

One may not think I would get the importance of inclusion to those that don't see themselves in the mainstream movies, but I had a EUREKA moment, ironically, during the HAWKEYE show last year. As many of you may know, I'm a fairly active, amputee. Had bone issues for YEARS & finally decided to electively lose the leg to just stop the issues. Best decision I ever made & haven't looked back since. So I start watching HAWKEYE, & then see that they've cast an actual amputee as Echo/Maya. Now other than that fact, I don't have a lot in common with the actress, BUT, seeing her kick butt, workout, & also deal with deafness, was inspiring to me.

I know that she knows what it's like to change liners, adjust your socket several times a day, think about what the terrain might be like before you go somewhere, out your leg on in the middle of the night when you have to get up & go pee for the 3rd time... actually, that's probably just me, but you get the point.

Seeing a character on-screen that's presented in a respectful, positive way is important, & seeing someone that either has gone or is going through something unique to you is ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING, & I'm grateful that this show seems to have done that for those that don't see themselves as the STAR of the show every day

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This is definitely my favorite Marvel show by far! I just hope
Captain Marvel wasn't fighting someone which warped Kamala to that spot, because then she's trying to fight a Captain Marvel size threat with her very new powers.
I really loved the kid she saved earlier on the video saying "I must have been the beta test!" because she dropped him. :lol:


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I thought the High School Scooby Doo plan was absolute cringe worthy. Can't really see myself ever giving this show a rewatch.

What was up with the ending? Did she transform into Captain Marvel or just disappear and Carol Danvers appears or what?

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