MR Shocktroop & Star Corps availability status....


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Hi guys, FYI re the following buckets:

1) Shocktrooper - as of early this week, still in stock - call them, it's not online - I ordered mine last week, the description in "my account" says "Shock Troop Helmet EPIII LE (Sold Out..)" - sold out eh? Go figure.

2) I contacted re the Star Corps Helmet & when they would open up ordering to non Hyperspace members (it said that if, by August, the run hadn't sold out they would open it up to the general public), just got the mail & confirmed it, non-hyperspace members can now order direct from the site.

Noticed the first Star Corps bucket on eBay went for the SWshop $399, but others listed are way higher..... ouch.....

Hope this info is helpful, hope I didn't ruin a reseller's day....
I'm looking forward to getting the Shocktrooper and Special Ops.

My Star Corps came the other day - Very impressed. I've added a review to my site



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