MR Shadowtrooper Helmet Question

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I've got a question for those in the know.

How much was the MR limited edition Shadowtrooper helmet when available and what is its value now?

Also, is it equivalent to the MR/EFX ANH hero helmets or the TESB stunt helmet?

These were $499 MSRP from master replicas and they are a symectical helmet. The MR/EFX hero helmets or LE's were made to look like the wonky ANH original helmet, this means that they are not the same shape on both sides, they are lopsided just like the original prop back in 1976. The helmets are 2 distinct moldings and are not the same animal...

I have not seen the stunt version helmet so i can't speak of that one

The value is still hovering around retail at $500 or so.
It was $499.

It is worth anywhere from about $500 to $1000, depending on who is selling it and when.

It is the same as the MR/EFX LE Helmets in that it is made of fiberglass and comes padded on the inside. The only difference is that it is symectical while the MR/EFX LE's were asymectical. The TESB Stunt Helmet is symectical and made of ABS and not padded.
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