MR saber chrome pitting/where can I get it fixed?


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I unknowingly had my MR Dooku saber stored in a damp area, and I ended up with some pitting on the chome. Any idea how or where I can get it repaired?


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For the amount of money neded to tear it down, strip and re-plate, you might want to consider selling the one you have and buying a btter condition one.
I am noticing this with several MR sabers that came out later in production in MR's history. Seems quality control may have taken a hit as MR grew and expanded. The best thing you can do is keep a polishiong cloth and make sure any finger prints or foriegn contamination on the plating is cleaned off or it does corrode at a faster rate.


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the compound will get into the pits and stay ther under the chrome and start eating at the metal underneath causing more chrome to flake off!

chrome should be polished with one thing only..

kitchen foil!

take said foil and roll into a ball..then use it as a scrubber..scrubb that foil all over the chrome! works to polish the chrome,removes dirt and protects the chrome by filling the tiny pit holes.

I once turned a bright red (from rust) chrome hoffman bmx back into a mint chrome bike with nothing but kitchen foil!

the foil fills the pits and holes in the chrome and when youve rubbed enough in is extremely hard to tell where the holes were.

now this wont work where there are huge bits of chrome flacked off but for pitting and chrome that is rusted kitchen foil is the best thing in the world.

it will also polish chrome parts like nothing else will.

while I was rebuilding that said hoffman bmx they old timer over the fence poked his head over and said "hey use some kitchen foil on your bike, thats what us rodders used to use on our chrome bumpers to repair and keep them shiny"

no one beleaves me when I tell them this but go get foil right now and try it! its bloody amazing!
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Seconded, vctrsone knows the score.
I'm from the BMX fraternity, too (yep, an old frat), and a lot of restorers of old bikes use this method. On a frame, seatpost or bars, some people use cola as well. Wet the foil and rub it in. Doubt that's any use for a small item where it can run into small gaps and become sticky, but worth knowing for any other items you have where it's possible.

In fact:

pitted chrome

Cola and Tin Foil - a couple hours on a saturday afternoon
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