MR MIB Neuralizer Broken :( Help needed to get it fixed


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Hi Prop makers/collectors

I'm looking for some help to fix my MR Neuralizer

It seams to have a short in the battery area, if I apply slight preasue to the side of the batt case (twisting it to the right) it powers up

After leaving if for a while to charge the flash I press the button the beeping stops but no flash

If I press the botton on the side (the one that is pressed when retracted)
the flash goes off

Has anyone else had these issue and how did you fix it?
Are there any how to's in taking it apart?

Thanks in advance


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Sounds like you're having some problems with the battery connections. I think mine had a similar problem, just not as bad. The negative connection would slide around when the unit wobbled.


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Pffshhh, MR did fine with theirs. The company didn't get pulled down for a few years after the MIIB license.


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It's very hard to take apart. You have to unscrew the top cap, unsolder the flash strobe and slide it out from the bottom. The big problem is taking the firing trigger off to get the board to slide out.
If your unit is having problems you probably won't be able to fix it but you might get lucky, these particular electronics have a lot going on inside and are prone to breakdown eventually.
I finally just took my electronics out and put my own board in.
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