Motorcycle Judge Boots 'upgrade'

Judge Minty

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Decided to dig out my Planet Replicas Judge costumes and do some repairs and 'upgrades'.

They've been lent out to numerous people and events, including the Royal Armouries and a bunch of filming, so they've had a tough life.

Something I always wanted to do was tackle the motorcycle boots. They're very rigid and unforgiving. When filming Judge Minty we created a quick 'stunt' version which chopped the bike boots to bits and attached them to some walking boots. Basically ankle boots with greaves.

These boots were destroyed during filming, so I thought I'd attempt to make a more finished version.

First up, chop down the motorcycle boots. I've just positioned them on some old walking boots to test it works.

Whilst I'm at it, I may as well tidy the boots up by removing some of the branding and replacing it.

I'm waiting for some cheap chelsea boots to arrive. I also hope to add an ankle holster for my Mark I Lawgiver.


Judge Minty

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A little bit of progress.

New cheap work boots have arrived. Painted green, strap attached.

First clip (of at least 2) for Lawgiver attached and seems to work


Judge Minty

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I still need to add extra emblems to the back of the boots.

The two clips on the Lawgiver aren't quite strong enough, but I've got an idea for a third fastner which I think will do the trick.