most iconic doctor who costume pieces ( in need of help)

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by lukel4, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. lukel4

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    hi all ive recently acquired a coat rack like the one in the TARDIS and im planning to put one thing (mainly costume pieces) on it from each doctor
    i have a basic idea for each but there is a couple im stuck on i was wondering what my fellow doctor who fans thought.
    my list so far
    1st-walking stick 2nd-recorder/stove pipe hat 3rd-inverness cape
    4th-scarf 5th-hat 6th-coat 7th-umbrella 8th-????
    9th-???? 10th-coat 11th-bowtie/fez

    what do you guys think if you have any ideas (especially for 8 or 9) it would be greatly apreciated and if there any other ideas for any other doctor go ahead and tell me cause i may not have thought of it

  2. Vanguard1138

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    9th - Leather jacket

    8th - Pocket watch?
  3. lukel4

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    yeah i was thinking the leather jacket for 9 but was wondering if there was anything else?
    cause i dont want it to be all coats. and for the pocket watch idea i like it but i wonder if anyone else has any ideas? can anybody else help?
  4. Zeppo

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    The 8th Doctor's waistcoat maybe?
  5. lukel4

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    yeah thats not a bad idea i will mot likely use the 8th doctors cravat or waistcoat (thanks for the idea zeppo) but i still have no idea for the 9th doctor anybody got any ideas?
  6. Kommissar

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    10th, yes the coat, but his ties are pretty important too.
  7. lukel4

    lukel4 Active Member

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    oh yeah, never thought of the ties for ten thanks for the idea Kommissar! so i pretty much have a idea for each one exept 9 has anybody else got any ideas?
  8. Organic Mechanic

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    Well, the only thing that ever changed on his costume was the color of his shirt, so yeah, there really is nothing but his jacket.
  9. Dave Ward

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    I've done precisely the same thing at home in my TARDIS basement.
    The coatrack contains:

    5's frock coat
    11's stetson, jacket, the two Paul Smith shirts, and a Fez
    10's coat
    4's scarf
    7's hat and question mark umbrella

    9's leather jacket is hanging up on the wall, as are 10's two suits. I have a seperate tie rack for all the Tennant ties. There's also a Pertwee velvet jacket hanging on one of the barstools (yes, it's a bar ;-) )

    It's really down to how you want to present things. The leather jacket is wasted hung on a coatrack, for instance, so I put it up seperately to show it off.
  10. lukel4

    lukel4 Active Member

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    thanks for the info guys!

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