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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by SciFiMuseum, Feb 11, 2012.

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    That's been going on for what 10 years now.

    He has jumped through every hurdle they have thrown at him
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    Can't see where LFL has done anything wrong there. With all the stuff they have given the area and all the land they've preserved, it hardly seems like they're going to go against grain with this place. If I read it right, it's in the middle of a huge swath of land - unless they go creating full blown outdoor explosions, i don't really see sound being an issue.

    If they don't want traffic. Tough. Deal with it. I love the pathetic excuses of panic of it'll turn into a casino or worse.
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    Lucas Vallet rd aint a "mid-scale" neighbourhood. These are all massive ranches. Rich Marinites just want the * kids to stay offa their lawn!
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    Just to be clear, you neither jump through nor throw hurdles at people.

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    No, they aren't 'all massive ranches'. However, the arguments presented as opposition to this are beyond ridiculous and are baseless. It's good for a laugh at times when new articles like this are published. As has been said, this isn't news, just a continuation of 30 years of hoop-jumping. The key opponents need to tread lightly and be careful what gets attributed and how it's said; the moment they try to claim any precedent for their fears to be based... there's nothing there that hasn't been brought up as a concern before and well met and respected. Would traffic increase? Of course. And of course no one's bothered to think of the impact and means to avert any issues/local impact. Please...
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    There's a remotely similar thing going on here, too.

    Indian tribe jumped through all the appropriate hoops to build a casino on the edge of town. They started groundwork and foundation work and put up a sign saying a Casino was coming and people flipped out. Saying crime will skyrocket, kids won't be safe, and noise will increase substantially. They neglect to mention that 2 of the 3 biggest casino's in the state are in, or on the edge of this city, near neighborhoods and crime hasn't gone up, but property values have. Noise hasn't really gone up either. One even poured millions into the roads (arterial and highway) around their casino - of their own volition, in order to make access easier for the casino and the nearby residents. They've been excellent neighbors. However, just like in George's case, people have to throw hissy fits to try and avoide change.

    Those casino's had to actually go out and prove they were good neighbors. George has shown it and proved it time and time again over what? 25-30 years now? Those residents just need to shut up.
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    He is quite the acrobat.
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    Technically you CAN jump through hurdles. But it makes for a much slower race that way.

    And someone COULD throw hurdles at you, but they'd have to be pretty strong and you'd probably have to be standing fairly close to them for it to matter.
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    Pedantic | Define Pedantic at :lol
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    Am I the only one who thinks it actually looks more like a Spanish Mission?
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    I'm sure the locals would go nuts if it looked like a generic studio building - gotta fit in with the locale :) George has always been big on fancy architecture.
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    I find this statement pretty sad and indicative of the ever lowering standards in movie production:

    "She wants them to know that digital filmmaking no longer requires the crash-bang of the old film sets and that their sound stages are so well insulated with acoustical walls that noise does not carry outside; the outdoor stage will be used mainly to capture natural lighting."

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