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Ok OCC is dead, long live Moonshiners.

I love it, and the main character/moonshiner.

Don't want to give too much away but what is that guy thinking by divulging his town, and day job away?

Who is building a replica of that model still?


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His bridge encounter in episode 1 was awesome. Where he marvels about his shotgun's ability to kill a squirrel or a grown man. It was so Christopher Walken.


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The shotgun bridge scene was awesome...I kinda also was strangely reminded of Robert Dinero in Cape Fear, which I realize is odd.

I think the main thing I don't get is, how do these guys agree to go on national television and show the world what they illegally do? Is this not a death sentence to their "careers" as it were? And....that's partially why I'm hooked...damn you producers!


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I think it's a shame the cops keep harassing these folks and every time they have one of these shows on I love that the cops let the production crew record the guys making the stuff without following them and such. It's like they let the guys make the stuff so they can be on tv busting them.