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I am using MM20 and like an idiot, noticed it is mixed by weight, not volume, like rebound 25 which I use often. It calls for a 10/1 weight ratio, and I do not own a scale. Question: If the silicone part A is ten pounds worth, and the pink mix is one pound, would it be logical to say that it can be mixed 10/1 by volume as well? Seems likely to me as there is exactly ten times the amount of part A to part B. Thanks!
The answer to my previous query is yes you can mix by volume. I have had a mishap with using a spray release to release a 2 part mold. I used Smooth-On Universal Release to keep the two pours from curing together, but they bonded strongly as if I didn't use a release at all. I checked the website and, of course, that particular spray shouldn't be used for silicone rubber. I should have used Mann's. Just a caution to those, like me, who sometimes fail to be meticulous when reading details.
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