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So I'm halfway through a two part plaster mold. I've never made a two part before and I was going to use spray silicone as a release between layers. Starting to second guess myself now. Any advice on the if that will work? Probably something I should have tested or considered before this stage, but here I am.


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I use soap based release for plaster. You should be able to find it in any mold making supplier. Not sure the silicone spray will work, you might need to seal it before as plaster is porous. Soap works for sure.
DIshwashing soap works too. And I´ve also used sunflower oil when not having anything else around.
Vaseline would do, but I preffer not using it. Too much release for plaser, builds up more, and could give problems for plaster clinging to the surface. Sloppier too.
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