Mold Making and Resin Casting articles?


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Where can I find a good, in-depth article on mold making and resin casting loaded with basics as well as tips and tricks? I am also interested in vacuum casting. Let me know what articles you guys have found to be informative and worth-while. Thanks.


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Let me ask this then...

What is the best stuff to get? I was looking into Synair's Por-A-Mold and Por-A-Kast II. I also hear Alumilite's stuff is pretty good, too... but I can only find it in small quantities and it seems to be a bit more expensive. What do you guys say?


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Gone but not forgotten.
What you use is pretty much up to
" personal preferance " kinda' thing..

Me, I have ALWAY'S used Por-A-Kast
product's. Some like Smooth On, some
don't.. Can't say I've read much on
Alumilite stuff though ?

BTW,if you DO go the Por-A-Kast route
watch which type you buy ! I ONLY use
the Mark II stuff as you have a little
more working time with it. About 2 1/2
to 3 minutes... The Mark I is VERY fast
setting stuff, about 1 1/2 minute's !!!!!
Only good for SMALL mold's !

Just so you know..
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