MKV Deep Sea Diving Helmet


1/6 scale MKV Deep Sea Diving Helmet. I have been working on this for a while and thought I'd post out to see if anyone has similar interests. It's similar to the helmet in Men of Honor. Designed in Solidworks - Printed on Alaris 30.



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Cool I've never seen that movie. I'll have to add it on Netflix. I'm always a fan of diving helmets. Something mythic/mystic/magical about em lol Did you design it from scratch in solidworks or imported a pic or scan something? What are your plans with it? The MKV is probably the most famous looking diving helmet and I'm thinking someone makes them in cast metal/milled out already?


@ IED Thanks for feedback. I am working on putting this into a resin kit. I am class 86-40-2C was EOD from 86' to '92. Website with Diver stuff:

It was designed in Solidworks from an original MKV from the Naval Historical Center in DC. Used a Coordinate-measuring machine to get the dimensions, etc. Then imported into Solidworks. It's about 46 parts to get it all together.
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