MK 2 Ninja mask, pawn shop find


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I was in the pawn shop one day looking at retro games, and I happened to see this paintball helmet that was modified and used for the masks for the ninjas in the MK2 video game. and for five dollars, I figured why not. I pill the top pieces off, sand and trim down the 'Scott' off the front of the mask, and I was very slow about it. you don't want to rush it and risk damage. and I used all the tools and pieces you see in picture 3. and listening to the MK theme and nujabes while I work added a nice feel to the process. So, 2 questions.

1, Sub-Zero or Scorpion? I'm kinda leaning toward Sub-Zero. Or possibly Ermac? even though it wouldn't make that much sense, since he wasn't in MK2.
2, I've checked around online and haven't seen makers for the MK2 ninja vest. (diamond pattern, black lines) and I've got no sewing skills. where do you find this??
See... I'd be a sucker for the "production" mask, so I'd do Yellow. But Smoke would also be cool...

Either way, awesome find! LET MORTAL KOMBAT BEGIN!

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