'Mistakes' You've Found, Only To Find Out They Weren't Mistakes


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Saw this while re-watching 2010....
When Max and Curnow enter the DISCOVERY, an EVA pod is sitting in the docking bay; since there were three in there from 2001 and all were (presumed) lost (one ran Poole over, one was left outside when Bowman re-entered after HAL locked him out, and one was used by Bowman to enter the Monolith) I thought "AHA!"

But, a quick read of IMDB brought forth this:
No pods should be in the pod bay in 2010. The original film showed 3 pods. All were lost. The first was lost with Poole's body. The second was lost when Bowman blew the exploding bolts to enter the airlock. The third transported Bowman into the worm hole/monolith. When the crew enters the pod bay in 2010, one pod is is still sitting in it's storage area. (Although ignored in the movie, this is explained in the book (section4, chapter 24). Dave Bowman is supposed to have retrieved pod #3 on remote while preparing his departure.)

What did you find, that you thought was a mistake, only to find out that it really wasn't?

Wes R

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Wouldn't it have been nice if they'd mentioned that part in the movie? It wouldn't have taken long to explain but I guess they didn't plan on folks scrutinizing things lol.


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I think the pod was a mistake... they just retconned it to cover up. There was no reason to have one anyway, except to show it off.

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In Batman the Movie (1966) when Batman and Robin are doing their standard "bat-climb" up the side of a building, you can see the wires being used to hold up their capes (their capes had wires attached because they weren't actually climbing vertically but on a shallow angle. The camera was tilted to make it look vertical).

Anyway you could see the wires, which was a dead giveaway of the effect and "supposedly" a mistake...

Until I listened to the dvd commentary: Adam West told the director to deliberately let the audience see the wires as he felt it would add to the lunacy of the sequence.



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I notice continuity mistakes in TV and movies all the time. They just glare out at me for some reason.

Most recent find that comes to memory I was re-watching Walking Dead Season 1 and the scene after they are at the CDC and Dr. Jenner is in the control/computer room, Rick comes walking in holding a liquor bottle in his hands.

When he is walking in if you look at his feet he is wearing athletic/tennis shoes, yet in the next cut when he gets over by the workstation and stumbles and drops down he is wearing his cowboy boots.

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In Mulholland Falls a detective puts a hat on a casket and walks away then puts his hat on his head. It looked like a goof and was listed on imdb as a goof. I rewound and looked closely at the detectives hand before he goes to the casket, he had a two hats. It just wasn't easy to see.



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I seem to be very good at spotting dolly wheels that are left on vehicle props. Two examples as follows:

- BTTF P2 - As the doc is flying the Delorean behind Biff's ford, you can see a dolly wheel clear as day under the Delorean

- Firefly - During the episode Ariel, you can see Wash sat on their makeshift heli-ambulance-thing and under every landing leg is a full dolly they use to shift it onto the set.


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Couple of good classics:



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Technically that's still a mistake; if a movie is edited and a scene is left out, the conitinuity might have gaps. If a shot isn't included (or a line replaced to explain why he changed his shirt) it is a mistake.

Another example of what I'm talking about above- in Galaxy Quest, when Jason and Gwen enter the room to stop the autodestruct, Gwen's uniform is normal- however just before Jason pushes the stop button her zipper has been lowered to her navel exposing her bra.

This is because an entire scene was omitted in which two of Sarris' men enter the room, and Gwen unzips her uniform to distract them until they are standing under a door, which Gwen then crushes them with.

Because the scene was left out- the lowered zipper becomes a mistake.

This thread is about things we "incorrectly" regarded as mistakes/goofs etc.



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One time my Dad and I were watching Terminator 2 "Special Edition" and one of the guards asks Dyson "How are the wife and kids?". My Dad told me that "He only has one kid!" and I said "Wait for it". Sure enough, we got that added scene showing Dyson having a son and a daughter, unlike just the son that was seen in the theatrical version.
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