I finally figured out where they got the idea for SW Ep8 the battle on Crait


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1982 Megaforce
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Star Wars - The Last Jedi
Crait battle.jpg

I've only seen TLJ once, but the only thing this reminds me of is Rose preventing Finn from committing suicide and then kissing him and then being written out of the last movie. :lol:
I know its supposed to be a romantic touching scene but it looks utterly stupid with the First Order in the background and their huge laser crushing the resistance base. They were sitting ducks and Finn's move to save the resistance utterly failed (and that crash should have killed both of them lets be honest. Finn was going for a suicide crash into a giant laser so going at top speed).
I think Mega Force was a better movie.
Henry Silva as Guerera was a better villain than Snoke and Kylo Ren combined.

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