Mini Darth Vader costume completed: page 6 pics, pg 7 new con pics


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I LOVE THEMMMMMM omg im so mad i could not be at that con to see the cutest little storm trooper and vader humanly possible , what an awesome dad you did a fantastic job on those little micro suits lol!


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Re: Mini Darth Vader costume completed: page 6 pics

BTW.. can we preorder the DVD? I need to get that, as I couldn't see much of the masquarade. Plus I know Jack was dancing on stage, taking bows and blowing kisses to the audience.... he was cracking everyone up.
I dunno. I always see the DVDs of previous years shows for sale at the con in the "T-shirts I shoulda bought before they sold out" area, but I haven't really checked the website to see if stuff's available. It would make sense for them to sell stuff year round as a fund raiser. But probably a nuisance for the volunteers. Good question, tho. I haven't been to one of the masquerades in yahrens. It'd be kinda fun to see what I've missed.

Holy Butt, I just checked their website. At the door registration next year is going up to 100 samoleons. I better reg on time this year... Anywho, it sounds like you can order stuff through the mail, at least. T-shirts, anyway. Really scant on specifics, though.

"How can I get this stuff?
All our merchandise will be available for sale at CONvergence. If you just can’t wait, merchandise can be ordered by mail. Check out the Merchandise Section of our site for details."

from Merchandise FAQ

Okay, here's the merch section. It was hiding:
Merchandise: The Essential Swag
They only mention DVDs from 2005 & 2006. Huh.


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Joe, the more I think about it... and the more I see photos of Vader Nick... I'm thinking MICRO-Vader or maybe NANO-Vader would be more accurate than Mini-Vader. He's just SO teeny-tiny!!!! lol


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still haven't heard back on this years DVD- when avail and eta's on ordering.

The youtube is cool- just to hear the crowd reaction, but i'd like to see the 3 times they went up for award, trophy, and medals. I know Jack was blowing kisses to the audience and want to see that.

Finally getting back on board after a week off (staycation) to recoup and hang with the fam. Got some reading up to do.

Now.. start new costumes to prep for next year... or hold off.

Boys like the idea of a couple of jawas and me as a tusken. Will see- I still like the Jango and Fett idea myself.. but the cost is holding me back.


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Man! Now I wish I had gotten up there, Joe! ::sigh:: Doubt if he will still fit into it next year...Would've loved to have a Me and mini me pic. :)


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you aren't far... I'm hoping a photo shoot happens before next year, as I want to get some other shots of the boys in gear.