Michael Knight with a Speeder Bike Gun

Okay, that's pretty freaky. Cannot say that the painted accents add anything to the look of the blaster. Great find, though. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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Originally posted by godzilla@Feb 3 2006, 07:06 PM
Is it perhaps just the Kenner toy?
Seeing those screw holes makes me think it is.
Most likely was a toy. After all, it turned out to be a squirt gun if I
remember correctly. Haven't getton season 3 yet. Walmarts here don't
seem to have it? Off to best buy I guess. :angel


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Originally posted by starbuckcylon@Feb 4 2006, 02:54 AM

I was watching season 3 dvd of Knight Rider and Michael Knight is using a Speeder Bike Gun from Return of the Jedi.


Yep looks like the toy alright


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That is awesome.

I believe if you look closely, Kitt was also seen in the battle of yavin ;)

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@Feb 3 2006, 10:04 PM
Wow.  Great find.

Absolutely the toy. Great find.

uscm buzz

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Wasnt kit in the battle against the deathstar 2.. when Lando says here they come.. and you see all the fighters..... and kit is using turbo boost.. ok ok.. but I am gonna photoshop this guys.. it just has to be done.. kit and michael knight in different star wars scenes.. ha ha..