Michael Jackson - The Behind The Mask Project

The greatest entertainer the world has ever seen- EVER. He broke all the records set by those people draw comparison to. My son and I were watching the Oprah special where she interviews him at Neverland - he was untouched by any law suits and just... i don't know -- happy. i miss him and probably will until I go. He single handedly made the 80's a fun place to be and how many people can you truly point at and say "That person set the world on fire." Every single person in my high school tried to figure out how to moonwalk- and that's saying something considering how racist my school was (3 Mexicans, no blacks, no asians ) The N word was daily grammar -- but not when it came to Michael Jackson. People were always talking about his videos or the clothes he wore. RIP King Michael - the world has less magic in it without you.

Check out The King of Pop doing what he does best at the Superbowl. For a long time it was the highest rated halftime show ever - may still be- not sure.
YouTube - ‪Michael Jackson Halftime Super Bowl 1993 Full Show‬‏
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